from the world

Japanese Wagyu
Spanish Tomawhak
Irish Tomawhawk
Argentinian Angus
Irish  Fiorentina
Bavarian Fiorentina 
French Entrecote
Spanish Ribeye

Dare to share

Deluxe platter of ham and cheese from Nebrodi or Madonie
Chicken nuggets seasoned with rosemary
Nachos with cheese and dips
One of a kind bruschettas (5pz)
Spanish codfish croquettes
Creamy meatballs, pecorino cheese and lime zest


Sicilian Caponata with dark chocolate
Raw king prawns from Mazara
Deluxe fried fish mix
Decomposed caprese salad 
One of a kind fish tartare (3 pz)
King prawn millefoglie
Marinated mackerel
Jamon Iberico
Beef tartare with homemade tuna sauce

Shredded chicken cucumber and pepper sauce
Grilled courgettes, walnuts, buffalo mozzarella
Salmon, barley, homemade beet hummus
Beef carpaccio and parmesan cheese

Gourmet Paninis
Three Mini Panini (6 pieces)
Kebab, Caponata, Mushroom cream cheese
Five Mini Fish Panini (5 pieces)
Squid lard, cuttlefish “salami”, seafood “salami”, seafood “capocollo”, saltwater mortadella
Tuna tartare panino
Mixed-leaves salad, cherry tomatoes, red tuna capers, stracciatella
Beef tartare panino
French beef, Meaux mustard, mixed-leaves salad, cherry tomatoes
Vegeterian panino
Grilled courgettes, buffalo mozzarella, homemade basil pesto
Panino SciùRum
Handmade 100% Beef burger, cheddar, charamelized red onion, mixed-leaves salad, cherry tomatoes
Panino FishBurger
Handmade 100% fresh salmon burger, Greek yogurth, dill, mixed-leaves salad, cherry tomatoes


Pasta Norma "dell'ORTO"
Persian vegeterian soup
Shellfish soup
Risotto salad
Pasta with deluxe anchovies, pecorino cheese and mint
Spaghettone "de la nostra Carbonara"
Pasta with bollito
Fresh pasta with clams, courgettes and almonds
Second courses

Fish of the day grilled / crusted / sweet-'n-sour
Beeft Tagliata, grilled vegetables, mushrooms cruditès
Egg 64 and fois gras
Potato pie and stuffed basil

Chocolate lavacake
Creme brullèe
Fruit jelly
Fresh fruit platter
Tasting menù - meat

Decomposed caprese
Beef tartare with tuna sauce
Pasta Carbonara
Beef tagliata di manzo, mushrooms cruditè and Maldon salt
Chocolate lavacake

Tasting menù – fish

King pawns millefoglie
Deluxe fried fish mix
Fresh pasta with Atlantic sardines, pecorino cheese and mint
Fish of the day (you choose how you want it, we take care if the rest)
Seasonal fruit jelly

SciùRum was created by the futuristic mind of Nasser Charles, inspired by his soulmate Ester.
The menu of SciùRum – Restaurant is inspired to the Mediterranean cuisine.
The dishes à la carte are realized with delicacies coming from the local Sicilian territory and, enhanced by the 
innovative touch of our chefs, give birth to courses that perfume of sea, wood, journeys. 
Every dish will enchant your palate and will excite your eyes with new emotions with a perfect balance between ingredients.



Monday 17.00 – 23.00
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 17.00 – 23.00
Thursday 17.00 – 23.00
Friday 17.00 – 23.00
Saturday 12.00 – 23.00
Sunday 12.00 – 23.00