31 December 2018
New Year's Eve

Oyster, snapper and mantis shrimp ceviche, seasoned with passion fruit, green sauce and black garlic
Salmon tartare, black sesame seeds, Meaux mustard and dill foam

Spaghettone with nuts, anchovies and truffle
Raviolo filled with pumpkin and candies, with a rosemary macis and sechuan pepper sauce

Spanish codfish crusted with tea leaves and marinated ginger

Christmas dessert

Lentils and traditional cotechino 
July 2018
Mixed ham and cheese platter
Chicken nuggets
Vegeterian Arancina SciùRum
Sicilian Caponat
3 bruschettas
(All served with Mixed-leaf salad)
Walnuts, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, dressing
Buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, chicken, pumpkin seeds
Salmon, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes, greek yogurt
Quinoa, fennels, orange, sardines, dressing  
Buffalo mozzarella. radicchio, sweetcorn
Melon, speck, brie, dressing
First Courses
Pasta norma 
Pasta, Trapanese Pesto
Bolognese pasta
Linguine Tenute Costa, red king prawns, vegetables
Pasta, fresh tuna, cherry tomatoes, mint
Vegetable couscous
Main Courses
Beef steak, ratatouille
Pan fried snapper fish, olives, cherry tomatoes, capers
Tuna Fish, olives, cherry tomatoes, capers
Tataki-style tuna fish plated with sesame seeds and soy sauce
Beef cubes, nero d’avola fondant, toasted almonds
SciùRum Sandwich: burger, mixed-leaf salad, grana cream, cherry tomato, dressing
Chicken, courgettes, Sicilian citrus
Cassata SciùRum
Lemon cheesecake, forest fruit berries
Chocolate lava cake

27 April 2018

Octopus, parsley puree, squid black ink, tomato confit
Beef tartare, buffalo mozzarella dip, horseradish, Santorina Viridis
Egg 62, nut butter waffle, cheese fondue, artichokes
Salmon cube, avocado mousse, mango, mint powder   

First Courses
Gnocchi, cauliflower cream and sardines, walnuts, mupa fish, «sauvignon» reduction
Raviolo, turnip tops , chard, artichokes, piglet,  
Risotto, asparagus, beef white ragù      
Spaghettone. shrimps, broadbeans

Main Courses
Beef fillet, asparagus, gorgonzola cheese dip, spinach   
Low tempetarure-cooked codfish, bitter almond foam, salty nuts
Scallops, lemon and leek, squid ink cream, toasted almonds       

Home-made chocolate lava cake             
Cassata cake SciùRum flavoured with passito di Pantelleria and almonds
Pannacotta, lychees
30 March 2018
Octopus on parsley puree, squid and tomato confit
Beef Tartare, buffalo mozzarella dip, capers, radish
Egg 62, black crumble, artichokes
Salmon cube, avocado mousse, mango, seaweed air

First Course 
Potato Gnocchi, spinach cream,Sauvignon, caramelized mupa fish, walnuts
Raviolo, greens, pumpkin, piglet
Arancina, pork ragù, champagne fondue
Pasta with shrimp and broadbeans

Main course 
Sirloin steak, silverbeet, Spinach mousse and Gorgonzola foam
Turbot fish, mushrooms and crispy potato

Sacher Tarte
SciùRum Cassata
Babà, strawberries and cream
SciùRum was created by the futuristic mind of Nasser Charles, inspired by his soulmate Ester.
The menu of SciùRum – Restaurant is inspired to the Mediterranean cuisine.
The dishes à la carte are realized with delicacies coming from the local Sicilian territory and, enhanced by the 
innovative touch of our chefs, give birth to courses that perfume of sea, wood, journeys. 
Every dish will enchant your palate and will excite your eyes with new emotions with a perfect balance between ingredients.


Every day 19.30 – 23.00